Monday, May 28, 2012

Fashion on the street: a round (again) with the broken cowboys


The other day I was shopping at Zara with my girlfriend and her reaction to the Cowboys and was waiting for me: almost all broken! So every so often, especially when summer arrives and jeans shorts become the garment you could get at home with a good pair of scissors and a pair of jeans that do not use. Fashion on the street know what kind of broken and I choose I do like.

A masculine touch


As with any clothing there are many ways to combine. In this case of ripped jeans and long I stay with the masculine style, as worn as the term "boyfriend jeans" Anglicisms we are cool. I like the first look of Jenn because it is very casual and comfortable style. Like this one of Lucy Zara B except that the broken are minimal.


An idea with a greater number of broken is what we see in the look of Zoe S., who incorporates the yellow fluoride , which we know his current term.

Either way, broken or less broken: the low back , without this little story.

Tight lines


The alternative to this theft of the male wardrobe goes through a tighter jeans or skinny or straight but not so large a model. Hedvig Opshaug leave us your choice combined with a shirt COS Bag, Celine shoes and Zara .


Even for a more festive touch this option is the same. Ross van Dorsten demonstrated tastefully reiterating the commitment to the yellow and a necklace that I quite like and whose style I have seen repeatedly in recent weeks.


For day to day, street, without more, a mixture of t-shirt and ripped jeans, even though this kind of broken like me less, prefieros with wires and more evenly distributed, yet the whole is not bad Christine R .

Photos | Zoe S , Christine R , Jenn His , Roos Van Dorsten , Hedvig , Lucy De B.
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