Thursday, May 3, 2012

God Bless America, V Magazine and who do lack


We have a new issue of America V Magazine ! And as expected the cover is not indifferent to (almost) anyone. And it appears that the singer Ke $ ha in the foreground painted with the national flag of America. Yes, that's the thing about Americans: proud of their colors, their roots and show him every day. I do not know what would happen if one day some Spanish appeared with his face painted with the Spanish flag ...

The fact is that, leaving aside flags and countries, the picture I love it. But it seems that ignores V be accused of 'typical' fashion magazine and beyond with great articles on architecture, culture and more. More than fashion is art with a range of photographs that are worth viewing.

One thing is clear: either you like her or hate filosfĂ­a. And I love it, so I consider myself fan of this picture taken by a couple of photographers Inez & Vinoodh .

Many cross out the singer trying to be a cheap copy of Lady Gaga. I think before I do that, but I can only say that the cover is worth (at least for me) adored. What do you think of the end result?

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