Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grab your loved one clutch like you would a living at it

Clutch SS2012

It is increasingly common to see girls on the street with a clutch in broad daylight. It seems like yesterday when these small bags were relegated to night looks and usually for special occasions. This season the designers are given another twist by adding a small loop at the front to make it much easier to go with them on the street. Are not you tired of hand sometimes?

Clutch Gateways

At Gateway we have seen in shows such as Valentino , where decorated with small tacks or other like Antonio Berardi aqua version.

Clutch Asos

Asos found in both the round version (plus recess) as another larger and in two colors, if you have many things to keep. What do you think?

Photo | Vanessa Jackman
In Jared | A stone about his neck (and arm, hand, to the ears)
In Jared | Will the next fashion sunglasses? In yellow

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