Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Have one day female or male? It does not matter! The style will be your shadow ...


There are days when we'd rather wear clothes 'male' and there are days when we are 110% female. So what? What is the problem? Be what your taste that day there's one thing that you should never hand: our beloved style. And these girls that we show today will not even let all the gold in the world. And it is that once ... Do not let go! It is the greatest treasure that no money can buy. So with male or female outfits, like triumph. Want to know how?

I want to be a dandy from head to foot

When we want to give a masculine touch to our outfit the best we can do is go to the famous piece par excellence: the blazer. If you choose straight lines the result is better, and if we want a look 100% we can choose a suit with tie ...! Would you dare?


Although we can choose (not to be so heavy) for a few flares (or some skinny jeans for male-female contrast).


While the blazer is not the only piece that we can bring masculinity. The pants suit in XXL are also a good option. Personally combine with braces, which are complementary rather than spend the years I still charming ...


I am a lady

If you wake up with your femininity at its peak you can play with pencil skirts, tight dresses and heels body infinite. Thousand are our options! And is that one of the best options for these days is to use the ladylike style.


Skirts are your best ally in such days. And they are most women out there, do not you think?


And if you love the contrasts female chooses clothes with other male and a miniskirt with heels together with a coat of straight lines. Most!


How do you feel today?

Photos | Vanessa Jackman , Gary Pepper
In Jared | Looks perfect to go to the office (or college, or shopping with friends, etc.).
In Jared | Still anti tendencies or trends are?

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