Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hedi Slimane in secret

Hedi Slimane

Only buyers can see the resort collection 2013 and the Spring / Summer 2013 for man, the first two to be presented by Hedi Slimane in front of Yves Saint Laurent . Be the only privileged, because the designer has decided not to show publicly to the press, taking the road mysterious opened two years ago Tom Ford with his back to the feminine design and creating a parallel between the two races (and no forget that Tom Ford was also designer YSL between 1999 and 2004), with many points in common, although in the case of Slimane's curiosity generated around it in the fashion industry is even greater because this resort collection will be his first foray into women's fashion, as so far we only know his designs for men.

ysl 2

This privacy policy (Or should we say of opacity?) Contrasts with the majority view within the world of international fashion in which each brand within your brand policy, or your budget, try to have the greatest impact within the traditional media and especially on the internet. So in this way Oscar de la Renta in Pinterest or Burberry Prorsum in Instagram up their parades and the run in real time. Prada broadcast their shows on their website and make "fashion films" that are revolutionizing the world of fashion. Chanel choose to follow the recommendation of the Olympic motto "Citius Altius Fortius" and each show is set in a setting more spectacular than the previous recalling why the brand is synonymous with luxury in mind worldwide.


It was not until October and the presentation of the collection for Spring / Summer 2013 in Paris to see Slimane's work in YSL . To see if one of the star pieces of the maison, Tuxedo, will also be his and the bridge between his past as a menswear designer and creative director of this as all lines. Graphical references will not have what their use of color, one of the main hallmarks of YS, something fleeing Slimane even in his role as a photographer. Unlike Tom Ford, Stefano Pilati , his two predecessors, Slimane has the approval of Pierre Bergé, who sponsored him in the first stage within the firm and he left when he was offered to be the creative director of the newly created "Dior Homme "

Perhaps this decision simply consistent with the character of Slimane and a great way to remove pressure on yourself and let all the attention to clothing and sales which is really what matters most to the owners of the firm. While people like me kill the curiosity and desire that some of these buyers are indiscreet enough to filter out some information or even a photo.

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