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The history of the Cannes Film Festival through their photos

poster Poster Illustration by Jean-Denis Maillart 1963

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most traditional events and more ingrained in the collective cinematic memory. The festival already have 64 years of history behind. The red carpets and walks on the beach have changed but still a festival that oozes glamor on all four sides. The stars of the moment, so people in the world of film as many artists and intellectuals paraded the red carpet and parties. And looking back you think that the past was always better.


Early years

cannes2 Brigitte Bardot and Kirk Douglas 1953

The beginnings of the festival back to the 30 but the realization of the same does not happen until 1939 but the next day to create it must be stopped because of World War II. In 1946 celebrate the first edition.

Cannes 3 Doris Day 1954
7 Cannes Jeanne Moreau 1958

In those early years of the Cannes film festival's young artists or other more established visited the beach to be photographed, was part of the promotion of their films.

CANNES5 Grace Kelly 1955
cannes6 Sophia Loren 1955
cannes8 Mike Todd and Liz Tayler 1957

The red carpet at the beginning was also one of the most anticipated moments of the festival but from another point of view. They all equipment of the nominated films were a big family and big stars were his looks like nobody else.

Years 60 and 70

cannes9 Fran├žoise Dorleac, George Hamilton and Catherine Deneuve 1965

60 and 70 were years of change both in film, as in fashion or the political situation. The style changed and actresses were able to adapt to new times.

cannes10 Anna Karina 1966
cammes10 Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro 1976
cannes11 The team of American Night 1973
cannes12 Jane Birkin, George Harrison, Ringo Starr 1968

80 years today

Trends and "revolutions" have already gone and the Cannes Film Festival over the star system encourages both among its guests and in his films.

Sharon Stone 1995 Sharon Stone 1995
cannes33 The princes of Wales 1987
cannes13 Mel Gibson, Peter Weir, 1983 Sigourney Weaver
cannes2 Sofia Coppola 2006

Photos | Cannes
In Jared | Diane Kruger returns to shine on the red carpet at Cannes
In Jared | Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska the stars of the fourth day of the Festival de Cannes 2012

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