Monday, May 7, 2012

How to succeed with a simple dress by Calvin Klein

ck Hanneli

Sometimes we complicate life patterned dresses bizarre looking, wearing peplum, draping, asymmetry, flyers, jewels and all kinds of ornaments that we end up becoming the closest thing to a Christmas tree, when the victory may be in a simple straight dress. Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein has spent years perfecting the art and famous can not stop praising the best: showing off their creations.

If the color and striking enough why add more?. Hanneli Mustaparta is more than beautiful yellow Calvin Klein .

Straight dresses in shades of makeup

Only a designer who thinks the prettiest dress you can wear a woman's bare skin can practice as well the creation of dresses in all shades of nude and pink Pantone. Dresses on only color that look like blood red painted lips, as does the Australian actress Melissa George.

melissa george ck

With very short dresses to show off your great legs, and shows Karlie Kloss in Vanity Fair Party Tribeca festival.

Karlie Kloss ck

Pinks with which to prove to everyone that you're a girl as good as Amanda Seyfried .

amanda seyfried ck

Straight dresses unable to conceal a curvy body like Lara Stone .

lara stone ck

Dressed in nude in which there is only the sweetness of Christy Turlington .

Christy Turlington ck

Long dresses with simplicity as the highest standard, to attend an important event like a dinner with the President of the United States, as has Kerry Washington.

kerry washington ck

Powerful black

And the clean cut and length to the ground, the vee neckline with straps, dresses in which to hide and the color becomes dark and the only black player to be you and your perfect body. Especially when you are Scarlett Johansson and want to dazzle all Berliners.

scarlett johansson ck

Or are you Carolyn Murphy and want to show everyone that preserves the beauty that made ​​you win a long-term contract with Estee Lauder.

carolyn murphy ck

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