Friday, May 25, 2012

If you could choose, how international blogger closet would you choose?


Whenever I walk through the bloggesfera (both domestic and international) ended with the same thought: I want your closet. And one of my favorite games before going to sleep is having to choose one of the cabinets of these girls so fashionable and popular. Which one would I? I like clothes but daring Tuula endless Ferragni Chiara bags also attracts me a lot. And so, by magic I fall asleep thinking about firms and others. that is why today I do get into the game and I wonder if you could choose, what You would be international closet blogger? I made ​​a selection of some of them to have it 'a little' light.

Gary Pepper

I discovered just a month ago but their outfits are printing. Pencil skirts, bold and impossible mixes clothes that make your day to day is highlighted by the glamor and savoir faire.


Lisa Place

This young man has a certain fixed style. Although it is present one day destroyer with boyfriend jeans, and the next you choose a short dress with side slits. But one thing is clear: the style never misses, is that this girl makes an impression.


The Blonde Salad

One of the most famous today (if not the most). Chiara is Ferragni blogger, celebrity and designer, and all firms love it. There is a trend that can resist and where there is a new model of bag she wears it. His wardrobe of shoes and bags I lose sleep ...



One of the most daring of all bloggers. One day plant with a total look and the next floral with a pure white outfit. But always mixing and matching low-cost with high-cost. That's it and thanks to her looks has conquered me slowly.


Song of Style

One of my favorite bloggers today. I like your style fresh and youthful attire that you can use both day and night. Adora Zara , Topshop and other brands available, but always to be seen wearing Alexander Wang and more. His is a wardrobe as completito!


Well, which one would you choose?

Photos | Song of Style , Tuula , The blonde salad , Lisa Place , Gary Pepper
In Jared | Suitable only for daring. The conquest lime yellow street
In Jared | Looks perfect to go to the office (or college, or shopping with friends, etc.).

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