Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Invited to a wedding day, what I wear? Reusable clothes more than once


We open season of weddings, baptisms and communions. And although most of them (spouses) are at night and sends the label as the guest has to wear maxi dresses, often the event happens during the day. And then we wear short clothes. Something that, personally, I find most difficult but ultimately it is simpler than I think. For a dress 'normal' and password supplements I can make the garment serves me well for that event to my day to day. I just need to know how to combine garments themselves.

And who knows wear a short dress as one that is the blogger Tuula, who with a body with open back and a ruffled skirt leaves stunned everyone there (at least to me).


What option do you prefer?

There are many options that we can come. and although many of you you show your disapproval of Zara , it is undeniable that here we can take more than a pinch. And is that money is undeniable. The only problem I see? All think alike and we can match more than one, which is not like ...


If you feel passion for color is red and all its variants, you may get rid of these models to see White . Keep in mind one thing: the accessories can fill your normal attire to street spectacular wedding. You only know combined. that is why these models can help the pinnacle of success.


And if you want to attract attention and give life to your day you can choose one of three neon version of the British firm Topshop .


The best of all? Is that these dresses then you can take them shopping in the afternoon or evening for special dinners completely changing accessories.

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