Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The latest obsession is Olivia Palermo ... A bag!


We've spoken many times: Olivia Palermo may have many clothes, but that does not mean that the place only once. No, the quintessential girl used it and re-use whatever you like. And it seems that the most famous socialite, followed and praised values ​​in recent times all that is within reach. And those are pluses. His latest obsession is none other than a bag signed by Gerard Darel . It raffia and responds to the name "24 heures".

But not just like that feature of it. Their outfits are tracked world and the boldness and risk are features that can not fail them. Do not know how he does that (almost) always gets away. What do you think this time?

Inspired to our daily

Many of you you catch her ​​as the referent and inspire you on your looks to your outfits. Taking the latter as a basis we can achieve a resemblance to low-cost firms. What will you proposal?


  • Flower Shorts Zara
  • Patterned shirt Topshop
  • Leopard Dancers Bimba and Lola
  • Wayfarer sunglasses by Ray-Ban
  • Raffia Bag '24 heures' by Gerard Darel

Photos | Gerard Darel
In Jared | Olivia Palermo has an obsession: the Zara floral print
In Jared | Olivia Palermo wears Zara and we. Be inspired by it in your next outing

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