Thursday, May 24, 2012

Looks perfect to go to the office (or college, or shopping with friends, etc.).


How I encouraged the summer! And also inspires me. Although I try to live in my moral summer of 24/7, the sun makes you a better mood, and therefore, I dare to innovate a little more with my wardrobe. While there are all kinds of work and not every time you can dress well, today I show looks ideal to go to depending on which offices, college, or simply shopping with friends. You choose the occasion and I will show you the options.

We started with my dear Gary Pepper, that since I discovered a month ago, every day surprises me more with their outfits. The latter based on floral pencil skirt, bold but God to give life to your summer looks. Would you dare to go to the office like her?

The dresses are also a good option, although we are having fashion neon color makes them difficult to combine for day to day. So for the working day I prefer the more demure versions in colors such as salmon, white and black. What do you think?


Looks great although formed by a navy blue shorts and blue shirt steamy sky. Of course, the pants may lengthen a bit for not going to teach so much leg (although the outcome of this blogger I love it).


More informal

There are times when one can approach the office / college more informal. To do this choose jeans or patterned. If you want to give a touch to your outfit rock mix your combination with a leather jacket, how do you see?


With a discreet jersey and focusing on flashy high heels, you can make an outfit with jeans is indispensable in your day to day.


And Hedvig Opshaug tells us how: torn jeans, shirt and heels. For or against?


Start your inspiration and play with the cabinet.

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