Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make way to the video! A new form of street style

street style video

Gradually the street style sites are being encouraged to leave behind the usual way of showing the street looks that are incidentally (or not) through the streets of half the world, ie, simply opt for photography and video as means to get the different outfits. Through these images can better capture the movement and the materials they are made ​​of a garment and therefore get a more realistic view of the whole.

Of course in this new form of post looks, we also find variants. Are you allowed to talk to the person concerned to explain leading as they do in Le 21eme Arrondissement .

Others like the guys at Cup of couple on their "Wild People" that in addition to accompany the images with a little music make videos longer to notice the details.

And those who look to simply record the ambient sound letting all the attention is focused on the clothes. This is the case of Stockholm Streetstyle .

Although this is where more is in the pages of street style, there are also personal style blogs like Silvia Bosch using this technique:

No need to opt for a photo or video, I think the best is that both are complementary and each brings the best of him. You can look further into the details if you see a picture on top of them, but also appreciate the best drop a dress if you see it in motion. What do you think?

Photo | Le 21eme Arrondissement .
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