Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mango Young, young audiences will have its own brand


Mango knows the importance of young and therefore launch a new brand called 'Young' in a period of two years. Details of this release is to be with a line of stores, regardless of Mango, curious detail and providing greater diversification Mango.

This move is not surprising since Mango Touch (accessories) and He (man) and have diversified in its own premises for wider relevance and enjoying a higher profile. In this way it differs from Zara Trafaluc line, which itself is included in the same stores.

'Young' of Mango will house designers that focus on the target between 14 and 22 years, will launch the international market from day one and there will be about 15 or 20 stores in the first place.

The news has been President of Mango Isak Andic after Thai designer award at the Fourth Wisharawish Akarasantisook Mango Fashion Awards.

Crisis of reputation in social networks

While this new brand is called social networks have been echoing the sad news of Laura, a clerk at Mango was fired for supposedly announce she was pregnant. From the website Change has promoted an initiative to ask it not to lay Mango pregnant women. The letter of request is as follows:

Violence against women. Stop the dismissal of Laura (pregnant)

Laura Mango was clerk to the day May 25, 2012, when he decided to communicate, at one o'clock, her pregnancy at the Human Resources Department of your company. At five o'clock that day, showed up at the store supervisor's letter of dismissal. As she signed her letter of dismissal, her supervisor sought among his companions a witness. As none agreed to participate in this unjust decision, pressured their colleagues from the shop till one relented and signed the letter of dismissal.

Laura, who is single mother, had decided to have her daughter and herself taking it forward, forming a family monomarental. For this reason the company decided to tell her pregnancy situation. Now he realizes he made a huge mistake.

Fifteen days before his contract had been modified to increase their hours and had given more responsibility, putting it in the box, leading to additional remuneration, recognizing and distinguishing the kind treatment he gave to his clients and his work Diaro. Both his commissioned as a superiors had repeatedly expressed how happy they were with her and decided to reward her for that with a "rise" in the store.

The reaction unfair retailer Mango has put Laura in a situation of powerlessness, social exclusion and discrimination that is hardly justifiable and totally illegal, illegal, antisocial and contrary to the principles of the rule of law and their own Spanish Constitution. This is an act of violence against women, conducted by a company whose website says that the staff is a priority, which in the view of the facts is absolutely false.

Let not handle carrying out these policies that harm women, discriminate against people, hurt families and cause damage difficult to recover.

Make known these facts, we do to repair his error readmitiendo Laura that the only thing required is a dignified and constitutional right to work and non-discrimination as a woman and mother.


To which, as I read in Change, Mango has contacted Laura to clarify the problem. I quote:

According to the charge termination did not occur because of her pregnancy but because of their low productivity as a salesperson. But sales figures belie that version. Laura has confirmed that the level of sales last month was one of the highest in his shop. Add, Human Resources, that none of their "upgrade" to pocket (more responsibility, longer hours, more pay) is not a prize, but a "punishment for not being good at her job."

Do the cashiers handle bad sellers? Does the company policy is to "punish" those who do not and put it in a box? Why, then, work as a cashier is better paid? So Mango understand the career development of their workers?

Mango contacted and their response was "never a pregnancy has been cause for dismissal of his business", as well reiterarme several times that 77% of the staff of Mango are women. Unable to extend the information because now they're organizing the Mango Fashion Awards this evening and the person who could have provided more detail was untraceable. The matter is in the air and hope they can fix for the good of both parties as soon as possible.

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