Friday, May 25, 2012

Michael Kors arrives in Spain with an opening party

Michael Korks

Last night we were celebrating. The reason? The opening of the Michael Kors store in Madrid. Many beautiful people clad in their best outfits and others less so, because the truth, he looks that left much to be desired. The best part? The store, the presence of American designer and that of Mario Testino, along with a select cast of waiters.

The store

Michael Kors Madrid Store

Let's start with the store. This is a boutique located, of course, in the Golden Mile of Madrid, Serrano street, in a spectacular area of 600 square meters, with white walls, mirrors and modern decor, done with style. Details like white sofas at the end of the store, cat prints or foot lamp of precious stones ... along with the Spring-Summer 2012, part of the fifth store of Michael Kors in Europe (UK, Italy, Germany and France.

Michael Kors Madrid Store

The line of accessories this season flood the shop, accessories, shoes, accessories ... but mostly bags of all styles and all sizes. Some of them timeless, perfect to wear all year. The collection of garments, true to the creator, known for its casual yet stylish touch.

Michael Kors Madrid Store

The party

Michael Kors party

Nobody wanted to miss one of the opening of the summer holidays. The red carpet looked at Serrano, where all the guests paraded the famous ... stopped to pose for the photocall that mimicked an area of grass, and the rest of us colábamos inside the store to display in the foreground Michael Kors and renowned photographer Mario Testino, the great attractions of the festival.

Michael Kors

A very chic detail the catering and drinks only white: champagne, white wine and water ... to match the store.

Michael Kors and Mario Testino Michael Kors and Mario Testino

Luis Medina, which coincided with his ex, Alejandra Rojas, Maria Zurita, Susanna Griso, the singer Edurne, Miranda Makaroff, Silvia Jato, Berta Collado, actress Angy Fernandez ... were among the guests. A leopard print, floral print with other colors or fluoride were the most repeated.

Javier de Miguel Javier de Miguel
Laura Hayden Laura Hayden
Silvia Jato Silvia Jato

Photo Gallery

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Photo Gallery

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