Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Prada film

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The Cannes Film Festival is not only the best showcase to promote the film. Also for fashion. A week of red carpets is a unique opportunity while all the media talk about movies also take a moment to teach the actresses outfits strolling along La Croisette. But Prada shows that there are other ways to combine fashion and film, and as almost always hits the mark.

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For several seasons campaigns Miu Miu are featuring movie stars emerging as Hailee Steinfeld and Mia Wasikowska to name two of the most recent strategy also follow in Prada for men both in their campaigns as inthe last parade of Prada which mixed with the models paraded Jamie Bell, Tim Roth, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe and Gary Oldman, the same day were held in Los Angeles the Golden Globes , using thus the impact of awards on their own behalf.

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So, that Prada presents a short film called A Therapy, directed by Roman Polanski and starring Ben Kingsley, Helena Bonham Carter and a coat is a masterstroke from the point of view of marketing and a further step in demonstrating that the Today is the brand that best understands the videos that fashion and that there are alternative ways to position your brand within the world of cinema and much more interesting than walking a red carpet dress.

Photos | Prada
In Jared | Premiere of "Killing Them Softly" at the Cannes Film Festival
In Jared | Art by Prada AMO and James Lima

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