Friday, May 25, 2012

Suitable only for daring. The conquest lime yellow street


Dare! The times you've heard this coming from a friend of yours, family or just your voice of conscience. But it is not easy to go out with a colorful garment if your personality is one that wants to go unnoticed. Especially with a color so bright as the lime green. But is not it great in them? So dare! And get out there showing your self-confidence.

And this season will not cost you anything to find clothing in this color. tops, dresses or pants, no matter what, but take it. If you are a not very encouraging with a t-shirt will suffice, but if you ask your personality more ... Go out with a dress like H & M ! The way I love (reminds me a bit like Stella McCartney ) and the color is more.


And H & M also is this another version based on organza and volume, and shirtwaist style. Which do you prefer?


A dress is a garment too risky? Try a gauzy shirt and combine it with jeans to take (just) the spotlight.


Although personally, I like the combination of muted colors and classic black and gray with more striking as, in this case, yellow. The result is flattering (at least for me), and do not call much attention.


And finally we do with this tone with a great combination: mint green and bright yellow. Too much? at first glance yes, but if you see it you realize that is perfect and both have a charm.


Do you boldly make them look like?

Photos | Fashion by Elin , Maffashion , Planty of Hangers , Oh my blog! , Duochjag , Annawii
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