Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sweet torture, is the catalog of prom dresses from Free People

_01 FPB

When the weather is about one thing that never fails: an invitation to all kinds of events where the 'normal clothes' not useful. And so we must find alternatives that will make us use more than once. The thing that always seek the cheapest option we risk another appears just like you. And although I'm sure that you wear it with more grace and better supplements (that's the attitude we should take forever), what if not only disliked. that is why in one season if you have more than a black tie event, why not invest a little more in a wrong?

And this is where the new Free People . Yes, I've become a fan of her, though their models cost more than normal. But their delicate garments in this collection of party that does nothing but provoke sighs every time I see the model below. They are beautiful and I just want all receive invitations of all kinds: weddings, communions, christenings, parties and other glam.


When I speak of special occasions dinners I mean those who know you will remember forever. This seeks a special garment that makes you unique (if you can afford at that time, of course ...).


Why short and tight mini-dresses are a constant, you can combine with masculine blazer to get some air so hot that sometimes off (only if the occasion requires not go so imposing it a little more serious).


My favorite model? The mini version of a dark dress with sequins all over rectangular at the bottom of the skirt. I love it!


But if you want to give an original touch to your outfit and different bet a monkey full of sequins. Would you dare with a piece like this?


What do you think?

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