Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The trend fluorine only in your accessories. Sure hit


Vs pastel neon colors. the truth is that today I have not yet opted for neither, but if I choose I'll take the cake for neon clothing and accessories. And these are a force so unique and original touch not mind saying: I am a fan of this key. Pink, yellow, lime green, orange ... does not matter! What we really want is to see how much more the better. So dare to make your own mix, is a guaranteed success.

Shoes, handbags and accessories. It will not be difficult to find the supplement that best matches your style and your day to day, as all firms have sought to 'bandwagon' of this trend as on the rise. By what you are going to decant? Tough choice.

flu_02 Zara Spring-Summer 2012

The protagonist of the outfit bag

The bag is a supplement that I love. And we can find infinite variations and use it for all situations: at night, in a black tie event, day, to go to the beach ... just have to find one that meets your expectations ... et voilà! Which of them you're staying?


  • Purse fuchsia rubber, Asos
  • Satchel Bag in Lime Green
  • Clutch in fuchsia pink Zara TRF
  • Shopping bag in blue Tous
  • Neon yellow clutch Asos
  • Black bag with chain handle Touch
  • Beige Clutch neon green accents Zara

Your feet will this trend everywhere

Flat-heeled, platform or sport. The neon yellow seems to be the favorite shade in dyeing shoes. And this key is that you feel great with all types of clothing: jeans, suits, dark and light. How will you combine your shoes?


  • Roman sandals from Topshop
  • Trainers Nike
  • Sports boots Asos
  • T-Strap heels of Zara
  • High-heeled sandals Uterqüe

Add a simple touch

Perhaps you are the type who thinks that the shoes or bags too, and likes neon fashion in very small quantities. Well, you can choose to contribute this costume strength without being at all conspicuous.


  • Collar Tri- Zara
  • Chain bracelet with green string Asos
  • Casio
  • Asos Earrings with strass
  • Beads in fluoride Uterqüe

What is your favorite option?

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