Thursday, May 31, 2012

The tricks of style to go to fashion

Interview Victoria Beckham

The importance of new trends and new collections is more than clear to go when looking for the latest fashion, a task that never has to be a priority to maintain a style. In the end, the style is marked in the details and these go beyond a simple trousers from Zara. Details of style not often need major renovations in closet, just pay attention to how it is and make a difference.

The sleeve folded

Back sleeve

The detail of the folded sleeve we are seeing regularly in countless looks these days. The weather is good to, but not only worn on blouses and shirts, but the Americans also incorporate the folded sleeve . The important detail is never up style fold above the elbow, nor forced to show only a few laps, as we see Tilda Swinton , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kim Kardashian .

Charlize Theron manga

It is equally valid opt for the French round without any duplicity, as does Charlize Theron .

The ankle has to do


The ankle has to do, I've commented on several occasions in times past and as summer approaches continues to repeat this more relevant. So to this there are two options: either choose capri pants lifetime or take the pants we have in our closet and give them a few turns on bass, eliminating the need to checkout again. The importance of the heel is key to stylize the figure.

Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba have already signed up with different models.

The shirt just gets a little inside

Shirt tucked

In January we talked about the details of style was wearing the shirt out of the different layers of the look, now the shirt (or shirt) takes but just a little stuck. The trick is to put forward only a part, is usually tucked the center, leaving the belt light, or not so seen, one side, leaving the rest as having a low asymmetric, Kristen Stewart leaves us an example of the latter, while what we first see the latest lookbook Zara , H & M has also been pointed to, among other firms.

A metallic buckle


The party dresses to leave a key detail when choosing a belt with which tailor the figure. This belt returns to leave the maximum importance to the buckle which is chosen to counteract metallic details with the rest of the belt. This also we are seeing in other proposals such as Uterqüe for the street. Belts whose buckles, with the gold with more ballots, heads turn. Especially in the style of Natasha Poly dressed in Emilio Pucci , but there are alternatives such as those shown by Kirsten Dunst in Christian Dior or Doutzen Kroes in Elie Saab .

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