Sunday, May 27, 2012

Uterque Summer 2012

Uterque verano 2012 I love new collection of Uterque! The new bags, shoes, necklaces and accessories Uterque Spring Summer 2012 are all trends!

New accessories and jewelery Uterque surrender to one of the trends of summer 2012 which are the colors fluorine and has necklaces, sandals and handbags in yellow fluoride. Uterque also committed metallic shades, high heels, wheels and peplum, tacks, prints of flowers. Uterque has the latest trends in fashion accessories !

Do not miss the new sunglasses, dresses, handbags, necklaces and other accessories Uterque!
Uterque verano 2012

Uterque summer 2012: sandals

The new sandals are targeted to Uterque trends in shoes spring-summer 2012 .

Uterque verano 2012

Uterque summer 2012: Jewellery

I love Uterque jewelery, necklaces and watches are beautiful! Uterque collection also surrenders to fashion necklaces !

Uterque verano 2012

Uterque summer 2012: Clothing

Uterque clothes whenever I like! It has a very nice dress with peplum and other Hawaiian-print, also tops in fluorine, etc..

Uterque verano 2012

Uterque summer 2012: accessories

One of the most original Uterque are those sunglasses retro style with studs! They are also beautiful scarves and purses!

Uterque verano 2012

Uterque Summer 2012 handbags

The new bags are beautiful Uterque, fluoride has many colors and pastel colors.

Do you like new fixtures and accessories Uterque summer?

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