Thursday, May 3, 2012

Victoria's Secret wants you to be the center of attention this summer. ¿Sinning?


What ideals and want to be always perfect! At least many of us (between myself included, of course). And that means there is not a single moment in the day we want to leave aside stilo elements. One task more difficult (personally) to get an outfit of 10 is the time to go to the beach. What do I wear? ¿Ons? What bikini to choose? I always look for the cheapest, but sometimes that means the same as half the population being female and one more.

That's why from time to time 'sin' and bought me a model of online Victoria's Secret : I always draw attention and be a little different from the rest. And some new models of the American firm met expectations: divine, distinct and 'payable'.

If there is a way that wins the signature is the effect bandeau with an application at the neckline: embossed or smooth, like always (almost) everyone.


While options are also smooth and simple: a simple white bikini with details that make a difference. In this case the top is filled with flyers.


If you are the models that you like but want to give a smooth touch to dress chic and glam, this season you can opt for this model in mauve with a body of applications in the same vein, what do you think?


Life is more fun stamped

But if you're already bored with monotony of the models so smooth, you may want to make with any pattern. There is so much variety you're bound to find one that goes with your style and your day to day.


If you like tie dye effect, you can try these models in bright colors: you must know that only top you like best. Perosalmente I keep the bandeau, but tastes ... colors.



For those who like bright colors but want a curtain model, you can focus the eyes on this green model risque. What do you think?


Cuádrate with this model and its mythical geometric shape.


And if you want to go sexy test with this push-up with printed tropical leaves. For me it is too much, but maybe you like it.


You sin with one of these models?

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