Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weddings media: white, bright (and designer unknown) goes the bride

Radiant and happy is the bride. Not always, but it should or at least that is mounted to the feast. And this week two feasts have drawn media attention, the wedding of the founder of Facebook and Alejandro Sanz: not known hyper media but do not sell their stories of love and hate but many would give an arm half image their wedding. And to us what we want is what dress the bride and elect two women with all the money in his possession and obsession with anonymity.

We start with the man of the month and if I hurry up the century. The parallel-faced young man who has left us all stunned. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has said yes to his girlfriend and the interesting fact in question is what dress you choose someone who could choose any one at will?
Priscilla Chan as it is called the lucky fortune has looked Claire Pettibone design at a cost of about $ 4,700 and apparently from the appearance of these images visits to its website have risen as a foam out of control.
What do you think? and what is more interesting what dress you would choose if all the gold in the world was at your feet?
Different case is the wedding of Rachel Alejandro Sanz Pereira interests me one thing, the fashion accessory among brides and guests.
Not in vain as I illustrated with the same fitting the post about how to be the envy of the rest of the guests for little expense.
Ideal mixing arabesque touch with gauze from India and I do.

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