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What you ask of a brand to be one of your favorites in the closet?, The question of the week

Jared replies

In the difficult choice of which brand is our favorite time to buy, not when you dream about it, then there's a different story, the question is clear because there are so many brands as we want to see. Either way just choosing brand A or B as favorites for a special reason. In my case, mix all a little, and in yours? It's your turn on the question of the week:

What you ask of a brand to be one of your favorites in the closet?

The question last week

Do you keep a garment for years because it brings back good memories?

The main thing to remember is the clothing store tells us Ssilvia :

I do I keep clothes, shoes and accessories, those that bring back memories of when I was young and went out with my friends, really looking at it I remember those nights we spent together. You get excited.

Also, my mother always kept clothes from when we were babies.

Florence Garribia custody since age 7:

Well if I'm honest, yes. I have a big bag where I getting the clothes that I want to get rid of the memories that bring me. In this bag I have clothes put away since I was 7 years or less. (Do not think that is a giant bag, only selected items go, would cry if I had to give it). I especially remember two items: my first dress (that you saved my mother is from when I was still a baby ...) and trousers worn when I was about 10-11-12-13 years. This cost me a lot to find trousers, I remember going to stores, shops and stores to get my hands on him I wanted my pants ideal. In the end I found as I had imagined .. and say that I took it off in a long time. As an added bonus, I must say, when I emigrated, my bag came with me, and my clothes of memories .. too.

Balaguer Susana remembers her partner with a particular dress:

Yes, I keep a dress Mango year-end 1999. This is a black dress, long and lovely velvet that I used the first end of the year with my partner. It was a very special day and whenever I see it, I remember those moments. Perhaps it is a bit cheesy but it makes me happy. I hope that if we have a daughter someday I can go and remind us that our history is very much alive.

M.MAR Garnes thought not but then ...:

I'm surprised that it is common to keep clothes like a catalog of photos they were ... I thought the music was all that had the power to move you to the past but a few weeks ago I got to do cleaning closet and I realized I kept a box with several pieces of my past! I keep a very ugly pink trousers, I remember that after you pay to buy candy muchassssssss escaped me and I went shopping! Then pajamas when she was 5 years as I remember I liked it so much that I strive to transform it into a pillow! ! that was funny! and the skirt of my first day I left the party I took off even to sleep .... finally! I open that box and I get the yearning of those times ... I like to see how I struggled to buy the pants that I could pay after buying so many! q be an example to me! ;)

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