Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When art and fashion come together: Art & Fashion Contest

art & fashion winner

Arguments over whether fashion is art have been present since the designers began to be creators of dreams for women, but the commercial vocation of fashion has prevented this rise in status to the same height as the music or painting. Designers like Yves Saint Laurent states that "fashion is not art, but you have to be an artist to create fashion." The truth is that fashion swept the exhibition of the best museums in the world and the beauty of some designs of haute couture touch us make us the best picture. For if we have any doubt about the great closeness between Art and Fashion, the Bilbao International Exhibition Art & Fashion awards young designers from around the world together with their art and fashion designs.

This year's winners (who will take $ 10,000 each) have been the Japanese Yuichi Ozaki, with designs that applies the art of origami, and Hila Israeli-Vardi Raby in the category of supplements, with their bags corsets. Pictured in a backpack design imitating the ancient corsets, using leather material.

art & fashion accessories

In the category of best designer who carries on business in the Basque Country has been the winner Alazne Etxebarria with its collection of accessories inspired by a dialogue between Marcel Duchamp and Fernando del Paso. His work expresses the soul through the bones. Receive a prize of 5,000 euros.

Basque art & fashion designer

The Art & Fashion Contest is now in its third edition, and in this particular fashion contest involving new designers from five continents between 18 and 35, reinforcing the close relationship between art and fashion. This time 824 young people participated from 47 countries, making it one of the referral contests worldwide. In the virtual community Art & Fashion Bilboost can learn more about the winners of this year and previous. I have been lucky enough to see them live and live and is truly wonderful. Imagination and creativity of some people knows no bounds.

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