Monday, May 21, 2012

When Primark appears, our wallets is happy. More collection of beach this summer 2012


Every day I'm more a fan of economic fashion. And is that disparate trends change every year there, and as is the economy, I do not like big splurges on clothes for the next season will have to pull almost everything or have to be locked in my closet. So always opt for the cheaper version. And a good choice for this mentality is to visit Primark : we always offer the latest at the best price. Although we have to dig much, there is always something worth scrolling.

Especially when I see cotton maxi dresses as adorable as this pastel striped. Do you like it as much as me? The down to the beach or pool always becomes a dilemma for me because I never know what to wear, and this is a good choice, do not you think?

What bikini do you prefer?

Deciding what to buy a bikini every season is no longer a dilemma since each one costs about 10 €. With prices so you can decant for a couple or three and vary every day. One of the ones I like is the Navajo print version.


¿Crazy for the floral print? Perhaps this model in blue / purple with pink flowers be to your delight. The bandeau top is comfortable to wear in summer is that makes you forget the bikini, and that is a big plus.


If you are a crazy neon colors, you're in luck. And is that as we have said before, the British firm commitment season after season by current trends. And these colors are as colorful as this summer. So in animal print and mixing the coral and lilac, this model can be yours. What do you think?



Length please

More and more adepts who venture to look full body swimsuits. Personally I prefer bikinis, although it is true depends on what model we present some are great. This time they could be presented trikini call, for that of the openings in the sides, etc. What do you think this model with floral print?


Although twice without hesitation I prefer this other Navajo. I like the color combination of the model.


¿Of these models in Love?

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