Friday, May 4, 2012

With the ascent to the head tack


Trends do not get tired of coming and more and more seasons that ended with a myriad of them. And I like it, for there to choose from and thus avoid going out as if it were the same pattern. Each chooses that goes with your style and suits your personal life. And today, how could it be otherwise, I present one that I love: that of the tacks. Not only in shoes and accessories, but in all the clothes.

Imagine a garment and you will find materialized. In small details or industrial quantities a thousand shapes and sizes. Pyramid, circles, kebabs ... Today we present the coolest models of the moment you find in the remarketing. But if you're of the crisis that has become fanatical DIY , We offer easy ideas and very original.

Walking through the network ...

It is a danger that to be affordable for a single click of the low-cost stores. Then at night before going to sleep each visit as if it were a shrine and always, absolutely always, I just falling in love with something. And this trend has not gone unnoticed. For example, Zara presents this tweed skirt with tiny gold details. A touch of punk to a model very ladylike, I love it!


If you are someone who loves the shorts in summer, you will find many options in Bershka . Furthermore, this trend is intertwined with others: gradient, faded, etc.. Pick one that goes with you ... et voilĂ !


Another option, if you want are just details, it is looking for a great sandal. And again, Zara enters the bag. And there are many options offered: all flat but very different from each other. And I do not know with which to stay ...


Do it yourself

Fashion DIY is hotter than ever (forgive the rebundancia). And with the crisis and unattested lurking behind us, all the more affordable options are fine. You can decorate all the clothes you want to tack: choose what you want and go. You just need the ornaments found in any grocery store. Personally I prefer to decorate a Converse old.


Do you aim at the car?

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