Saturday, June 30, 2012

Taylor Swift, the queen of summer dresses


Taylor Swift shows that it is a big fan of the dresses because in recent public appearances looks different dresses. Taylor opts for fresh and summery dresses with a touch naive. The Mary Jane and accessories combined with very current and smooth hair bands to make it look more casual.

The vineyard is Joan Fendi Small in the fall campaign

Fendi 2013

There are many ways to achieve a great image for a campaign. Fendi is passed to the mountain and Karl Lagerfeld hangs from a tree in an instant Joan Smalls quite confusing for the Autumn-Winter 2012/2013.

¿Fright or Death?: Marc Jacobs and his Autumn-Winter 2012/2013

No wonder that Helena Bonham Carter is one of the muses of Marc Jacobs, I think each image to see it in this campaign. The Helena darker and more sinister style, with questionable taste, but much style. She and Anna Piaggi and Lynn Yaeger, two of the muses that have inspired this collection straight out of a Halloween night in the land of wonders.

Keys streetstyle summer by Diane Kruger

diane kruger lunar

Along with Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr, Diane Kruger is one of the most famous inspires us in our daily looks. It never fails, or the more elegant occasion or the more informal. Sublime their black and white look with a dress full of moles. A color combination that is very smart and safe when we went to an act for which we are not sure how to get dressed. The important thing is to take the black and white duo in everything, even in the supplement.

Prada Resort 2013: Set and Match for Miucca

prada cruise

A collection that is not lost. That is the ultimate aim of Miucca Prada and again get it, leave perplexed, thinking what really is going to take that people on the street? Yes, it seems. Resort 2013 collection is heavily influenced by the style out of the tennis courts with a savoir faire retro, seventies style.

Cowgirl (Katie Holmes) is loosed upon the city ...

I like the cowboy in small doses. His character wildcard is the best of this tissue and that has made ​​a cowboy is the pledge that every designer had dreamed of creating (or so they say). Katie Holmes uses it in his recent trips to New York and does to perfection.

Fun at the hands of Longchamp


You know with these things, just a week ago and a few days that we fully in summer and autumn-winter campaign 2012/2013 flood the most important fashion portals on the Internet. Yes, fashion is an advanced step (or two) and we must take this into account. Because in all the magazines show us what we're going to take several months here and I, with my inseparable book, I write it down whole. And the campaign has surprised me today. Not because of his clothes, but for its freshness and fun. And Coco Rocha and Emily DiDonato pass it like never before with Longchamp.

Prepared, fashion, and! A style for every holiday

They're here on vacation, the beach, bikinis ( the best and I will shew the o). The lucky ones go, others stay and every fashionista arises what should I wear? and especially what's in my bag?.

Tremble Super Mario: return the bib

Peto Trends Spring-Summer 2012

There are some trends that you see coming and you suddenly find the low-cost shops full of these clothes. And this spring-summer 2012 seems as that will take the upper hand will be the bib in all types of materials and lengths. We go back to the 90?

Italian Portraits, the most sophisticated book Tod's

Tod's Book

That man is elegant Italian we have no doubt, in fact, if you take a stroll through any Italian city, is irresistible to look at his label. And Tod's book, entitled Italian Portraits, speaks of this, the Italian taste, a fashion classic.

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared 41

The style is alive and if not stopped talking about how to dress to be the most stylish how could we overlook how to live? A week, here are some tips for a week of very glamorous and entertaining.

Elegance: Marion Cotillard in WSJ and Miranda Kerr in Harper's Bazaar

Marion Cotillard

Two covers that I've loved these days: Marion Cotillard for WSJ Miranda Kerr Magazine and Harper's Bazaar in its British edition. Two sides of the style well understood: on the one hand and luxury holiday, and secondly, the sensuality of the lingerie fashion garments.

Friday, June 29, 2012

A modern Maya Bee amfAR Gala in Paris

Sofia Coppola

The amfAR Gala held yesterday in Paris gave us a good look Sofia Coppola with a yellow neon worth a bike ride through the dark city. I loved it, modern style and defending well.

Beauty Tips of the Week: Welcome to the wave of color

beauty tips

A wave of color flood this summer our vanity. The most intense glaze, lips flashier, more colorful shadows ... everything is ready for summer do not miss this when choosing your looks.

This should not miss your date with the beauty, our best weekly tips with everything you need to know in order to look beautiful. Ready?

So yes you can go to work

flower dress work

Many posts have tried if the style of bloggers meets real life (¿14 centimeters heels for more than just for the photo? Transparencies daylight? And so many more). And of course, if piends a look for the office, dressed to go normal, rarely find inspiration in fashion blogs. But this time, I found three looks with those that you can go to work.

Online rebates for your summer shoes

Home Blaco White Suite

I have many friends fans to buy shoes online shops. I confess that I am of it recently because I prefer to try them in situ. Although I've also bought shoes online and almost never had any problems. Knowing the brand and your size is almost a sure bet. I have plunged into the network to see the online sales of shoes and have chosen a few proposals ideal for summer and save some.

Stradivarius Fall-Winter 2012/2013: between leather and flowers

Stradivarius Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Stradivarius and shows a preview of what will be his next collection Autumn-Winter 2012/2013. His early pieces are in three different lines belonging to three different styles: military, tribal and night.

A touch, a shot. Campaign Nina Ricci Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Nina Ricci, which I love because if I've said before, has announced its Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 and art director gives a lime and sand. Lime chamber know Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. The sand of a beautiful illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe.

Moschino Resort 2013: I always wanted a flower in my garden

moschino resort 2013

From a courtyard full of plants, comes the presentation of the 2013 Resort collection of Moschino. Reinterpreting foreign clothes, and trends that are already on the market (fluorine, flowers, pastel colors), but with a twist of good girl coming through the Eye. A collection that breathes spring air through floral patterns and bright colors. But the path is lost which have always been the hallmarks of the brand, such as profanity, provocation and nods to the local fashion industry.

Celebrate the victory, clothe and live as champions of style

Champions oe, oe champions ... I know, I have anticipated. One can not be joy and rejoicing thinking that Sunday we will be champions of Europe. Because when you dream a dream and no doubt but how that dream dress and celebration?. I already showed an excellent way to dress for special occasions ... and this could be one of them.

Want to be sexy? Put a suit in your life

blake lively red suit

The whole life thinking that the dress was a garment too serious, appropriate only for work, and see where, now it turns out that celebs go when they want to look elegant, stylish and even sexy. Of course, if a red dress and Michael Kors combined with a high-heeled sandals, the result is as sexy as Blake Lively, promotion in the television program Good Morning America.

Five trends to buy in the summer sales in the face of autumn

Haider Haider Ackermann

The summer sales began officially last week at Madrid and in other cities and large areas will arrive on July 1, although the lead time discount stores otherwise. Purchases for this time asking for more head craze discounted prices, so it's a good time to buy considering trends autumn .

¿Shorts smooth or patterned? Olivia Palermo opted for both


With the arrival of warm weather and rising temperatures are liberated from our legs stockings, leggings and pants to show sunlight. To this end we opted for dresses, skirts or shorts. And the latter are a vital piece to Olivia Palermo , and then it every single week on his personal blog. The question is, do you like more prints or smooth? She will not be declined by any side, so that shows two completely different options. Which do you prefer?

Directly from the beach to the disco!

How busy we are in summer. The commitments pile up, multiply quotations and sometimes pass home from the beach is impossible do you happen to you? We have the best low cost bikinis of the season why not learn how to street fashion aderezarlos to go direct to disk?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

When water bloggers! They also teach us how to look at the sun

Who does not hate the operation bikini? The blinding lights prove under our skin and white, wanting to take away from there or from there. The bikini decide what feels good ... well, that we have seen in the best low cost bikinis of the season . Do we need ideas on how to show off?

The next edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid forward one day for the parade of Jesus del Pozo

Josep Font - Jesus del Pozo

Although initial reports were that the 56th edition of Cibeles (now Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid) would begin on 31 August, today we learned that the schedule will undergo a small change and will be advanced one day his home to accommodate the 30th the parade of Jesus del Pozo.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Prada Autumn-Winter 2012: welcome to the dark side ...


We follow the fashion campaigns for Fall-Winter 2012/2013 that will soon flood the major fashion magazines worldwide. And today we do with that firm that creates trend and everyone just cloning: Prada. Dark colors and geometric shapes we welcome a new season where the cold and rain will be the protagonists.

Dsquared2's film shows us his new collection Fall-Winter 2012/2013

The next Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 Dsquared2 shows his collection in a very original through a short. The Canadian company debuts with his first short film entitled "The Substitutes", a video produced under the creative supervision of Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot.

Zara TRF new collection

Zara TRF nueva colección

Here's the new collection of Zara TRF , a collection of continuity that fits with the trends of summer 2012 fashion and gives us hints of what will be the collection for next autumn Zara TRF.

You have to see these new looks from Zara TRF with new trends and clothes! The best of the new collection of Zara TRF is that studded jacket that both take, in general TRF points to the tendency of the tacks :).

The new collection of Zara TRF also has new military prints and parkas, details like rhinestones and studs, new jackets and tweed blazer, new pants, ...

Zara TRF nueva colección Zara TRF new collection

Pants with original prints is one of the new TRF!

Zara TRF nueva colección

Zara TRF new collection

These pants are a TRF tacks.

Zara TRF nueva colección Zara TRF new collection

To me the truth the camouflage pattern does not convince me anything, but I recognize that with these rhinestone greatly improves :).

Zara TRF nueva colección Zara TRF new collection

Zara TRF returns with the trend in parkas.

Zara TRF nueva colección Zara TRF new collection

Denim takes a lot!

Zara TRF nueva colección Zara TRF new collection

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zara Sale Summer 2012

Zara TRF verano 2012 A few days to begin summer 2012 sales of Zara, I propose to review the most interesting of the collection of Zara , to go clocking the best shopping, then just cross your fingers and hope that all the clothes of the "list" not in the section of the "new collection", the clothes that do not lower: S.

Nothing better to prepare the sale of the 2012 summer reviewing your wardrobe, seeing what "need" and of course locating the Zara clothing to really nail fixed :). Do not miss my selection with the best transfers and purchases for the upcoming sale of Zara summer 2012!

List of favorite cuts of Zara

Zara TRF verano 2012

Among my signings for next summer sales Zara 2012 I have these two jackets, I love the denim because it is a studded jacket I see with many possibilities and as a pledge of trend. And that I love tweed blazer from the start, so it will be a good time to strain it in my closet.

Zara TRF verano 2012

The Zara clothes are always a good buy for rebates on all those who are somewhat expensive and special designs such as the tulip which I love. I also love the white dress with embroidery, I hope to locate lowered and not between the "new".

Zara TRF verano 2012 Rebates are also perfect to renew basic pants and jeans! In Zara cuts are often found many jeans and hopefully also the trendiest models!
Zara TRF verano 2012

Zara cuts summer 2012 also can be a good time to make basic clothing and between time as a shirt, I love this particular one because it has studs in his fist. And I have wanted to get myself some clothes from Zara with peplum.

Zara TRF verano 2012

Hopefully you find any of these accessories Zara cuts in July! I hope to catch some of the beautiful necklaces Zara because they serve to brighten up any look, and not just in summer! Sure you are not the only one who wants to see discounted these yellow sandals fluorine and any of the Zara leather bags and off-cuts is that these bags are a bit pricey!

Penelope Cruz returns to the red and gossip alformbra


I'm here again. New this week and get to do another summary of the best of Poprosa. This week, of course we've heard from a tube, where Penelope Cruz has been one of the major players with his back to the red carpet to the premiere of 'To Rome With Love' in Los Angeles , where he performed in this manner, but also back to the world of the rumor mill with a possible pregnancy . But we have more news that you can not miss ...

Do you dare with a triquini? changes look on the beach

Goldenpoint Summer 2012

The trikini is a swimsuit model pretty uncomfortable but very sophisticated and feminine. It is an ideal piece for cuerpazos, but this season, some designs come with some improvements so we can look them all.

Oliva Wilde's tiger can be yours


Oliva Wilde is one of the most glamorous actresses and hit the red carpet but also in his diary shows looks sleek and modern style. On June 18, the actress went to the David Letterman show with a classic black trouser suit and a shirt with a tiger print Stella McCartney to make it look more current. What do you think your look? If you want a simple and practical way you keep abreast of the best deals and discounts on the network, you want to know that meets all deals for online shopping! You'll notice that has the most upmarket shops in Spain. have offers to buy the latest fashions in stores as we encantam Primark, H & M, Mango, Asos, Springfield, Uterque, Massimo Dutti, Calzedonia, Stradivarius, etc. Enter the trendy shops and you will see that online stores have many clothing and accessories.

The main attraction of summer 2012sta Zara eAccesorios web is that on one site you can find the best deals and discounts on the network, y is that the good deals, locate discounts of up to 80% and the best bargains online stores , outlets, and private clubs.

You know the best discounts, deals and promotional codes for many brands with their products at the best price. And receive exclusive offers and discounts for members of

At last! Willow (from Isabel Marant) I present to your best clone (Zara TRF)


Today is a day to remember. Many and many of you shall call me exaggerated, theatrical and other, but I do not care. And after searching like crazy for all low-cost firms, I have finally found a clone of sneakers Willow Isabel Marant worthwhile. And how could it be otherwise is Zara TRF who the firm. So far have not gone on-line (I am aware of it at all times) but I hope they do soon, as I show them off already.

Styled gone to his head, will you be the queen of the streets?


Recently, the simple style is what you get. It's the most comfortable when going out and bloggers show us that very little is perfect. but sometimes want a little more glamor, getting on the heels and chic clothing combined. Yes, the simple style is fine but we must not forget and ignore the working style. And today I show you some examples that I could not help overlook.

For special occasions note the Asos Black Summer Collection


I love when companies decide to make 'special editions'. And in this case comes from the hand of the sales portal better known in recent times: Asos. Where they meet all the trends and show options for all budgets, tastes, bodies and situations. And now we bring the Black Summer Collection: dresses for special editions with contemporary and luxurious. Do you dare to them?

Let's gossip ... Want a summer wardrobe with the "Blair" or "Serena"?

Or you're a fan of Blair or Serena you. We already have the basic wardrobe for this summer now go by the whims of the ladies of Upper East Side. Whose fan we also define who we are or who want to be with our fashions. We stretched the style of drinking tea lady and has an affair with royalty and on the other vitamin-blonde, sexy and slightly dislodged to things that happen in life. Do you prefer? Whoever your favorite here are the keys to making your own style this summer 2012.

This summer the money you are not going to spend on clothes


Many of you believe that the actual street style is shown in the previous years clothing adapted to the trends of today. I think so too, but unfortunately the blogger phenomenon has made ​​them all look what is now in stores. Whether or agreements with the companies that they want and can. But that does not mean you leave it a great salary. And you can get ideas to suit your every day without spending a fortune along the way. And is that we like low-cost, so we return with a new special.

To work in short

Tine short

"Formality little, but it lasts." If we follow the guidelines of the father of Nacho Vegas 'The Angel Simon' farewell to summer comfort in working with high temperatures, goodbye to the short format. We return to the disadvantage that not all posts are allowed sets like these, but others, and we are not going to miss them.