Sunday, June 17, 2012

10 chic Zara clothing and how they look with estilazo worldwide

We have the summer wardrobe staple , the best low cost bikinis and what do we lack? see how they look in real life street and our favorite clothes. Today we go with the chic Zara clothing and how to combine with the savoir fare of the most stylish women.


We started with one of the star of summer jackets, being of leather, studs and having as one of the most desirable in stores despite its high price. In Fashion Vibe and shows it attached to a pair of pants that are one of the must of the summer: mint green pants. She shows us again that in the style duel in the street between Spain and the rest of the world , we are on top of the rankings.

Steering vaaa

Dominika of Fashion Moves teaches us how to combine Zara white pants with a peplum, all in white. The perfect finish, butterfly glasses pastels.

Stomping ...

Zara not only live in the clothes but also accessories. Zara shoes are loved or hated, I find myself more in the second case. Rock and Roses Silvia has been done with uns wedges in gold and worn with pastel colors.

From top to bottom ...

You can go ... great looking low cost. Andy shows us how to feel a jersey knit uniting a draft of Zara jeans worn and broken. A proposal young, bold and brilliant.

And widthwise

I pirran these palazzo pants that looks Lisa Olsson. Run, I will search and do the find? A but only suitable for high and spindly.

Three were three

The colors chosen by Anabelle who always looks perfect. On clothing, orange and blue klein and feet the sandals Zara samey and that, they have not been tested or will, for your comments pareen be most uncomfortable.

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