Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At last! Willow (from Isabel Marant) I present to your best clone (Zara TRF)


Today is a day to remember. Many and many of you shall call me exaggerated, theatrical and other, but I do not care. And after searching like crazy for all low-cost firms, I have finally found a clone of sneakers Willow Isabel Marant worthwhile. And how could it be otherwise is Zara TRF who the firm. So far have not gone on-line (I am aware of it at all times) but I hope they do soon, as I show them off already.

As I said Mecano my motto is: do not control the way I dress because it is total and (almost) everyone happy. Differences? There are, though, honestly, I think I like both models equally. Will this clone have longed so now I have it a bit boring. So the detail of the studs does nothing to like more. I hope to fit the times and offer a reasonable price ... Why I love them anyway!


Are you as excited as I am?

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