Monday, June 18, 2012

Before ¿dead simple? Error!


I am so sick of people telling me, 'oh, you are one of the previously dead easy', just because I like fashion. Well, look cool and you like does not mean that you get everything you find at home and is trend. Most often the style is achieved with basic pieces of life and that alone (and eye) do not have much. But if you manage an outfit together to envy of the world. But although it seems that it is very difficult to get a tandem between simple and elegant. But these girls show us how.

I've said many times: a very important role our attitude is developed. We have to believe and know that we are perfect, but we started on the wrong foot. Why yes: go with shorts and a simple white shirt is guaranteed success. And if the shirt is not to your liking, you can replace it with a fine white jersey. What do you think?


A combination that I love? Blazer + + short cotton shirt. It is ideal as the view is the look out of Song of style, would you convinced?


Black and white

I repeat over and over again but never get tired of it: the black and white do not go out of style, so use it. And I'm amazed to see the simplicity of this dress Primark but in turn you feel great. With very little you get a lot ...


And if you prefer to opt for long maxi skirt and a simple blouse.


Do not estrujes ideas, the solution you have in front of you.

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