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The best fashion photographers Steven Klein, color, sex and decay

Steven Klein

Steven Klein in three words: color, sex and decadence. If I could add a third concept would get the blood; detail that the U.S. has reiterated on its work. One of the best current photographers in the fashion world and has finished building the image of pop artists like Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.


Steven Klein

Although Steven Klein bet on a number of black and white images, color plays a very important work. Always a bright color, looking for the contrast. Visual attention goes to him. A neutral background, which does not come to bring a wealth of information but as a context.

Steven Klein explodes the mix of prints, colors becoming more colorful image on the concept and detail pop hits. The image has many outlets to recreate the read.

In the whole composition there is always more vivid detail.

Steven Klein


Lara Stone Steven Klein

The desire and sex are basic photography Steven Klein, as in that of many other photographers present. This passion is represented in various ways with two main views, positions to generalize. The first is the carnal desire, a more lascivious, unfiltered and rodeos. Naked bodies in erotic poses, drawing the reader to recreate your fantasies.

The second way is through violence, a subject which is often recreated in his works, either through domination is exercised without clear physical harm, or by fighting as such, exploiting the touch, tense muscles and blood. You see the video above: "Lara, Fiction Noir '.

Timberlake Steven Klein


Steven Klein

Much of the work of Steven Klein gives me to see him decline. Photographs carrying the message from the gray color in many funds, in the compositions, opting for many diagonally, taking the horizontal or dividing the structure into two parts with two vertical occupied on both sides.

This decline is in editorials in magazines like the " One for the Ages "for W magazine

The way that places the models for the camera, the way they look, their positions, how they represent and in what situations. It's all elegant decadence. But decadence.

Pop: Madonna, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

When a professional fashion photography has achieved great status the pop world is so massive raffle. Steven Klein knows this, his career has been linked to Madonna in recent years, with whom he has worked since in 2004 he prepare the video for The Beast Within, the world tour he did in 2004. This union continued until 2008 and 2009 tour, the Sticky & Sweet Tour, 'Get Stupid'. Alongside the exhibition comes Madonna X-Static PRO = CESS.

The artist who has learned from Madonna in recent years have also learned Steven Klein for one of his great hymns. 'Alexander' Lady Gaga joined the U.S. and again saw the details previously commented on a video only marred by the music.

Steven Klein not only serves to promote careers but also to give more substance. That made ​​with Britney Spears, for whom he worked on his third studio album Britney (2001, Jive Zomba). Of course, the result is weak compared to other works, but it was time to find that art.

In a usual brand Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Akris, Boss Orange and more.

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