Friday, June 29, 2012

Celebrate the victory, clothe and live as champions of style

Champions oe, oe champions ... I know, I have anticipated. One can not be joy and rejoicing thinking that Sunday we will be champions of Europe. Because when you dream a dream and no doubt but how that dream dress and celebration?. I already showed an excellent way to dress for special occasions ... and this could be one of them.

Golden Crown

We have different options. On the one hand the option to get ourselves the crown, or rather the tiara. Of course gold and manner of The Style Visitor.

The red oe

The most obvious but no less beautiful for it. Glowing red as tomatoes, such as blood shed on the field, Valentino red and red to red. I love the option of Hannah.

Thanks to the skies

We can dress, be the most fashionable and increasingly grateful whatever your creed. Not surprisingly wearing a cross has a thousand ways to do it and Schirin decide to do on the back.

Thanks to the universe

We also have the option cosmic feel the queen of the universe of football but no fashionista. And what better to do it wearing pants so popular constellation. Hannah does so ...
And Tricia in a look that I liked not that these patterns become me crazy.

Gold medal

And back to gold, the feeling champions, winners and want to celebrate with our country that we are the most stylish and our players the best.

We have the clothes ... now only remains for the dream is fulfilled in the final of the tournament. Fingers crossed.

Photos | Schirin The style visitor , Tricia go sintian , Hanna Luise

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