Friday, June 15, 2012

Cloned and plundered: this week the stars are your feet


One Friday we return to highlight the most striking clones of the week. And this time we do a special section to the one I like to dress: feet. They can decide whether a look is casual, to fix or chic. We just need to choose the shoe ... et voilà! Achieve one aspect or another. And for this to draw firms love the shoes: they are easy to clone and very effective. We started with a clone that has caught much attention because of their similarity: Valentino vs. Jeffrey Campbell.

The sandals are footwear of all life that now more than ever have a major role in our day to day. They are handmade and its variety of colors makes you look like a model every day without repeating. For summer 2012 Valentino has released the version in delicate lace. Black and white are the signature Jeffrey Campbell throws them at a much more modest and the same color. What do you think?

But we now do with the coolest model all golden Chloé platforms. And is that how could it be otherwise Zara has versioning of his style: not exactly the same but you seem.


And Finally we look at Isabel Marant again ( last week we dedicate a post ) and flat boots jackets. There is nothing special, but if you like and do not want to pay the real price you can go to handle and pay much less for the same model.


In love with a model?

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