Thursday, June 14, 2012

COS Summer 2012: functional minimalism cubed


A firm that meets that quality, design and simplicity is the sister company H & M: COS . And is that their designer clothes, timeless and full of strength should be mentioned. Personally I do not like the outfits 100% COS but that I think your clothes separately give strength to your look hard to beat. Everything is grace and find the bright side. A few months ago we gave a preview of the summer campaign of 2012, and today we have just launched the rest .

Something that characterizes his game collections are made ​​with the shapes and volumes, always opting for tissues 'different' to help achieve the effect you want to give to each of the garments. Pleated sleeves are a very important feature in their collections. Straight lines and pure, this signature collections like in its simplicity yet originality. Are two terms impossible? No, but very difficult to join.


My favorite outfit? A trendy masculine coat with wide straight and together with other women's clothes can sit like a charm. What do you think?


Although known for fabrics in solid colors, prints also have a role. And especially in this summer collection 2012.


The capsule collection for H & M have an unpredictable success, and the old-Marni could not be otherwise. And to me the new prints COS remind me of the Italian firm. I know you have nothing to do, but I guess the color combination reminds me of some prints presented last March.



I can only say one thing: Ave COS .


What do you think of the end result?

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