Monday, June 18, 2012

Croatia vs. Spain: a tough game, who deserves to claim victory?


Sometimes comparisons are odious, but the choice is inevitable. And by this party against 'teams' across Europe it's more fashion in each location is interpreted differently but that does not mean that one is better than another. Following the Euro by heart today we face Croatia. And the truth, I never noticed the bloggers there ... Until today. And, frankly, seeing what I've found the more I have in mind in the future.

Sometimes the surprises are not good, but this time: the Croatians see fashion as well as in our beloved country. So it seems that going to be a 'party' complicated: despite being on the threshold of summer, some bloggers choose to wear skinny pants. Electric blue or burgundy, or peplum blouse wide. There are several options but only one result: perfecto in both cases.


With regards to shorts have two very different options among themselves, while the Spanish representation (Seams for a desire) prefer a ground color shorts combined with blazer and shoes lace-animal print lounge, Croatian representation (Just another Style Blog) uns choose denim shorts and broken combined with boots full of tacks. Two very different styles, but both defend and stylish savoir faire.


And finally a face to face with Fluorescent colors: shades star par excellence for the new season, the Spanish version (I snuck in your closet) prefers to wear it only on accessories, while the author of Psyco Couture does it with a cigarette in racy blue.


How 'team' you stay?

Photos | Just another style blog , The Pile of style , Psycho-Couture , Elle Adore Styl e, Love shopping and fashion blog , I slipped in your closet , Seams for a desire , a chair for my purse
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