Monday, June 18, 2012

Do you love vintage clothing? Nasty Gal presents his new collection, I'll take it!


There are girls who become crazy about vintage clothing. And I do not mean 'old'. If not, old clothes following a trend and now it is back in fashion. They have not what makes them so special that can make your look perfect with very little. You do not need recharging as ever, with a single piece and can be perfect. And now the clothing company launches Nasty Gal vintage collection designed for all those fans.

And seeing the pictures you want to tell you: I love the shirt of Coca-Cola. I like the color scheme, shape and everything in general. What do you think about it?


The same thing happened to see this dress pleated skirt with a print odd and funny: I could not help but want it in my closet. I find it unlike anything we are accustomed today and we see day in day out on the street and bloggesfera. Why not make a little difference but this does not follow fashion down pat?


Any garment that we find over and over again at this firm? The tight-fitting mini-dresses with prints that remind me of rococo Versace in its heyday.


Same with long blazers: is suitable only for daring, as their prints will become the center of attention.


And if you like mixing prints without fear or anything that can tell you that the next look will inspire you for your coming days, what do you think the end result?


Do you like the proposals of this firm?

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