Friday, June 15, 2012

Emma Stone prefers to fly

emma stone tokyo

The dresses of flight, of course. As fresh out of an episode of Mad Men, Emma Stone repeated after Red Carpet Red Carpet Lady dress silhouette entalladado flight above and below. The long, just to the knees. Modestly demure. A type of dress that we usually sit well to presume that hourglass silhouette, and the redhead feels great, but sometimes with more success than others.

For example, in the presentation to the pledge of Tokyo from the movie The Amazing Spiderman, chose a brown dress from Rochas perhaps too bulky. And the chocolate-colored fabric in such just not convincing. She is beautiful and defends a dress, but has been better on other occasions.

As the red dress she wore Lanvin to the Met Gala.

emma stone meth

or set a target for Dolce & Gabanna who chose to present the film on the superhero in Cancun. A Peter Pan collar blouse and skirt with buttons in front of the cutest and we could copy for our summer outfits.

gabanna dolce emma stone

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