Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fashion & Blogs 105: the bloggers go to The Way We Live

the way we live

Since you've read the chronicle of my fellow Natxo about The way we live, a great meeting between designers, photographers, small businesses, bloggers, newspapers, social networking experts ... and where there have been parades, panel discussions, workshops , showroom and where we could go all enjoyed and learned a lot. And in the weekly summary of blogs, we make a small path through the network to see what we have of this event.

We started by one of the organizers of the big event, Patricia Share my fashion , has done a tremendous job for a few days the center of Spanish fashion outside Gijón.

Great was the story of Isis told us so chic urban So how a "dealer shoes" became the brand designer shoes that excite It bloggers and famous. Leonor Watling was in his corner of the showroom.

isis leonor

He was also in Gijón Rebecca A trendy life style , participating in a panel discussion about trends in fashion. He has collected fun little moments of the event through Instagram.

Instagram twwl

Paula My Peeptoes participated in the conference recounting his experience as a blogger and analyzing the situation in the Fashion Blogosphere several bloggers among us and I find Natxo. It shows the look chosen for the occasion, made ​​of white lace, between the walls of the College, the cultural center where it all happened.

peep toesgijon

Other chronic you want to read are those of Mery Trendy , who used to stop the meeting in the showroom and seeing fashion shows, Miss blog , who portrayed the star of the event, Juliett Kuczynska Polish blogger, best known for Maffashion and Fashion in family , who took pictures with everyone. All are eager to repeat.

Juliett gijon

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