Friday, June 29, 2012

Five trends to buy in the summer sales in the face of autumn

Haider Haider Ackermann

The summer sales began officially last week at Madrid and in other cities and large areas will arrive on July 1, although the lead time discount stores otherwise. Purchases for this time asking for more head craze discounted prices, so it's a good time to buy considering trends autumn .

A gold party

Prabal Gurung Prabal Gurung

The gold seemed like we had said goodbye this spring-summer 2012 , at least it pointed the past few seasons, but in the end is like the black, however much it is put to death it is more alive than we are. Gold rose to the gateway with multiple gowns that will being seen during the following months.


The return of the military

Burberry Prorsum Burberry Prorsum

In recent years the military has become so fashionable as ido. A non-stop. So the same and you have made purchases and not for you to check out, spending less. For some time we have been talking about his return and even with military jackets to which my colleague Charlie and his eye for a while. Burberry Prorsum too.


Tribal prints, Africa is still there

Prada Prada

If Prada decided to dip into something that something will be copied by all and who says you can say you want copied, or cloned admired at low cost without anything to prevent it. Africa is playing in the background and cool, is a culture where fashion is as could be alive with colors and patterns opposed to basic black and white.


Between red and red summer passion for Bordeaux

Acne Acne

A rich red summer heat with this cooler ... well ... let's focus! The color of next season will be burgundy, and something that we will see over and over again. A color that I love and that is suitable for autumn-winter.


  • Until that time comes this summer we have the passion as an alternative to red burgundy is too dull for now. This I love Zara tunic, for 39.95 euros .

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