Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For special occasions note the Asos Black Summer Collection


I love when companies decide to make 'special editions'. And in this case comes from the hand of the sales portal better known in recent times: Asos. Where they meet all the trends and show options for all budgets, tastes, bodies and situations. And now we bring the Black Summer Collection: dresses for special editions with contemporary and luxurious. Do you dare to them?


The mix of prints is present at all times daring clothes and do not go unnoticed: the bright colors like yellow bring strength and vitality to the models. What do you think this option? I love, I do not know if I would wear it.


The only downside I see is that they are clothes that can not be used often, because its design and printing make people notice them. And the price at which they sell (150 €) does not just make the most of.


But what is certain is that if you have a special occasion such as graduation, and want to go chic and different from the others this collection can help (much). One of the models that can serve to act so that in metallic shades, ladylike style and black liner on top. Daring yes, but if you know how you can combine your outfit is the winner of the day.


The mix of prints (as discussed above) makes a dent in it, and a clear example is this model that combines three different types of floral print: muted colors and bright colors combine to present this version.


In muted colors and V-shaped neckline find this other model.


Wide lines and pink where we have this other version is decorated with a print of writing. I honestly do not know what it says, but have some sense, right?


Continuing with the pink we have this choice of the most striking: large roses in yellow, black lines and written in XXL . A description part deserve that kind of shoes ... Too much for my taste.


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