Sunday, June 17, 2012

The girls are warriors against breast cancer

Las chicas son guerreras contra el cáncer de mama Since the song says: girls are warriors!, And when it comes to fighting all together for a cause like breast cancer, the union is greater. More and more women that are aware of this problem that affects 1 in every 8 women in our country at some point in their lives, and more and more projects and aid to fight this disease.

We met a new proposal to help all women who are sensitized by breast cancer and who want to choose, if need be, what to do and how to cope without being conditioned. This insurance AEGON Contigo . A new policy that just released AEGON guaranteed up to 30,000 € in medical expenses if found to have breast cancer, even from the initial level of disease.

The insurer, has launched a campaign in which emotional appeal to fight together against the disease, under the claim: AEGON in your shoes. Women who are part of the company have been the main creators of the project, and everything from product development to communication, there has been putting on the skin of today's woman.

We liked the campaign have been released on Twitter with the hashtag # laschicassonguerreras, with which you can support this cause and also attach it to something that we love all the clothes. You can win a gift card worth MANGO € DE500. You can participate by entering: .

If you want more information you can order it through your form ( / you ) without any compromise.

Who joins this fight?

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