Monday, June 11, 2012

I lose myself in my pants, do you?


Each season there is an article in Zara star. And this time, according to international bloggers and fashion of the moment, this is nothing but a simple white pants XXXL . And is that so-called 'elephant foot' made ​​in polyester will create furor this summer 2012. For more visit new fashion pages I just always found with this article that at first glance have nothing, but combined with other pieces make it a great outfit. So what are you waiting for?

They cost less than 40 € and are still in your website, can come alive rebates? That's a risk you face if you do not want to pay the real price. So far we can go in setting these girls that combined with skill and elegance, as Gary Pepper combined with a bold crochet blouse revealing her black lingerie. But if you can do more demure as Lisa Place and combine it with a cotton shirt: it adds a touch air leaving a part of your belly (flat and thin).


But if you like is a total blank look you can look at Zina CH.: With a jersey knit in the same color, achieves a touch of glam with its clutch of gold sequins. What do you think the end result?


And if you like the shape of the garment but you colored so bored, you can decant it to this version and printed in bright colors. How do combinarías?


Are you going to fall surrendered to the charms of this article?

Photos | Gary Pepper , Lisa Place , Fashionvibe
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