Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kate Moss, Géraldine Saglio, Derek Blasberg, ... Does the low-cost outsells luxury brands?


A few weeks ago I could experience firsthand the Mango Fashion Awards, and today I will talk about everything that anybody said. Well, the place came very famous people have never thought that I would meet. To begin the most anticipated: Kate Moss. Appeared when people were already sitting in place and did the hand of his inseparable friend Derek Blasberg. That kid who by dint of typing and submitting humorous articles for V Magazine and Harper's Bazaar has carved a niche (the great) in the world of fashion.

mfa_02 Géraldine Saglio with her husband

But what impresses me most of the matter is what gets to move a low-cost firm. For in the same room as personalities were identified as Géraldine Saglio (great dressed in a black total look and the hand of her husband Eric guapérrimo Jarati), Carolina Herrera (who appeared as expected and no one picked up his award Button I pray for his career) or Colleen Sherin (fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue). Does the low-cost is stronger than large firms when collecting personalities?


What the public did not see

Jared was in a privileged location: at my back the Paris Vogue stylist (Geraldine) and a few meters Kate Moss with Derek. Next to this the Spanish model Mar Flores who had to endure that New York would give back most of the evening. What if I did not know who she was? Is that ...


When the desserts were the guests go outside the MNAC to smoke his cigar with the exception of the fantastic Kate and Derek, because not even the security lords dared to say anything. So I wanted to light a person approaching them ... et voilà! Was safe. Seeing is believing! And Kate Moss is that call gives free rein to do many things. Just do not let the top take pictures with anyone, even if they were reputed singers of our country or emergency invited. Not even Isak Andic (owner of the firm) convinced her to pose with some pretty girls at the party.


In the dj started his performance dancing celebrities vanished: no sign of Kate or Miss Saglio, goodbye to Isabel Preysler to say nothing of Carolina Herrera. But mortals had a good time, surrounded by many stars to gave the impression of being in the sky.

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