Saturday, June 30, 2012

Keys streetstyle summer by Diane Kruger

diane kruger lunar

Along with Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr, Diane Kruger is one of the most famous inspires us in our daily looks. It never fails, or the more elegant occasion or the more informal. Sublime their black and white look with a dress full of moles. A color combination that is very smart and safe when we went to an act for which we are not sure how to get dressed. The important thing is to take the black and white duo in everything, even in the supplement.

With sneakers

No one as she could carry so stylish sneakers. With a simple dress are the perfect casual summer look. I like this style for festivals, concerts, party in the country ...

diane kruger shirts


Sure you have a thousand striped shirts at home. Do not despise, because jeans are easy and safe combination.

diane kruger stripes

Denim shirt jacket instead of

For nights when cool (as the nights on the shores of Biscay), wears denim shirt instead of a jacket. It is lighter and more trendy.

diane kruger denim shirt

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