Sunday, June 17, 2012

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared 40

madrid slaughterhouse terrace

Summer is approaching and with it the desire to enjoy the street life outside, to leave everything and run away a few days lying on the beach, the mountains or anywhere far from the hot asphalt. But while those holidays arrive, you can always take the town for terraces. Matadero Madrid Cultural Center opens terrace, with an installation by architect Andres Jarque.

But Matadero Madrid is much more: theater, PhotoEspaña exposure, the Day of Music and many cultural activities. In Bilbao also Alhóndiga open terrace. A meeting must if you come to Bilbao to visit or if you are in Bilbao and have not yet discovered all the possibilities of space: film archive, music, workshops ...

terrace bilbao

If there is still much for your holiday but you can escape for a weekend I propose a city worth visiting: Gijón. She is beautiful, has great beaches, eat well, there is much room at night and now offers a gastronomic route specific sweets: Greedy Gijón . M It makes your mouth water just reading the sweets in confectionery.

gijon greedy

But if you like the most exotic, how about if we travel to Singapore? Alucinad with this house, completely surrounded by the pool and a rooftop garden. The Fish House is one of the most amazing sites you see. The architecture creates more sites increasingly integrated with nature. This is luxury today.

fish house Singapure

In Decorating what is sought is that objects are more versatile, adaptable to every situation and we will make life easier. As an example, a table fan with which to enjoy dinner on the terrace whatever the number of guests or the hollow of your terrace.

table range

And finally our weekly style agenda, we suggest a trip to London from home . You will not see Picadilly Circus or go over the Victoria & Albert Museum, but you can go shopping through Ebay. The major British firms are just a click of us, as we report our fellow Ebayers.

gold topshop shoes

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