Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marc Jacobs Cruise 2013: the fun and madness in the form of garments


We continue with the cruise collections 2013 and now it's the turn of Marc Jacobs for the firm that bears his name. It is true that their proposals at first sight (almost) never like me but how many times have we said this will not drink this water? In the end, of course, just drinking. And yes, my first reaction to seeing their clothes has been a bit of fear, but as I start to edit this post my feelings change. And it looked otherwise things change: there are separate items that can go a long way.


Although there is something I do not like: cutting skirts. Neither long nor short flight with an overly pronounced. I personally do not feel good about my height so I think I'll end up never holstering one (although over the years I can change my mind).


Is what is striking at first sight? His prints, which is that the variety of colors and fabrics, as well as striking prints make this collection does not go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone.


Bet on these garments

Undoubtedly, the shorts in XXL presented with blazers to set me love. I want a low-cost version for next year clonadoras signatures! And it is that I can not find more female, wearable and different. What do you think?



Photo Gallery

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