Friday, June 29, 2012

Moschino Resort 2013: I always wanted a flower in my garden

moschino resort 2013

From a courtyard full of plants, comes the presentation of the 2013 Resort collection of Moschino. Reinterpreting foreign clothes, and trends that are already on the market (fluorine, flowers, pastel colors), but with a twist of good girl coming through the Eye. A collection that breathes spring air through floral patterns and bright colors. But the path is lost which have always been the hallmarks of the brand, such as profanity, provocation and nods to the local fashion industry.

Flowers and more flowers

Combine flowers with flowers is an exercise in risk up to somersault with twist. And I've always been very miedica, I can think of it. But I like to see how it does Moschino without complex and quite comfortable.

moschino Resort2

moschino resport3

Moschino increasingly Chanel

The Italian brand has always reinterpreted French classics such as signature tweed jacket. But the changes more and more literal and sometimes we find items that may have made ​​Karl Lagerfeld himself or even Coco. Moschino and Chanel increasingly less and less Chanel Chanel. And, with the hair on top, white shoes again .

moschino chanel

moschino chanel2

moschino chanel3

We will triumph pasteloso

The craze for pastel continue in 2013. Once again talk of green mint, coral tones and dusty colors. Tones that are great for weddings and other ceremonies for the sweetness and innocence that emerge.

moschino pie

moschino pastel3

moschino pastel2

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