Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mr. Derek Lam loves women, and so shows us his collection Cruise 2013


I do not like to talk about the cruise collections, because from that are sold until many months pass and we forget that and we name them again (the same goes for the shows). But today, to see our new collection of Derek Lam, I could not help but fall in love. It is absolutely known that one of my favorite designer is Isabel Marant, and much of this is because their proposals can be marketed and look to the street. And that is ultimately impossible. But he has made everything you see what you want to look for now.

Clothes lines, which stylize the (lucky) that takes in basic colors like sky blue, navy, white or black.


But one thing he does well this designer garments are printed: paid colors and mixture of styles, thus presents an outfit is ideal for all office voguettes a day.


Blazer combined with lingerie top and pants with a lateral stripe patterns. What could be more fabulous?


You may believe I exaggerate, but it is definitely all that has been presented here have loved it. For example, I like the result of this checkered shirt XXL with striped pants. At first glance do not match, but if you put them together ... Love at first sight!


Is one of my favorite clothes? Undoubtedly the checkered skinny red, white, electric blue and black. If I could I bought them without thinking twice.


Is it a monkey? A pants and a dress up? I really do not know, but if this second option, separate these parts can go a long way.


What do you think?

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