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Naf Naf catalog Spring-Summer 2012: Parisian chic affordable

naf naf 2012 spring catalog

I really like all the brands that we sell the Parisian chic as the reason for their existence, the problem of some of these firms, as Sandro and Maje, is that, as much as I like, fall into this palabrejo of masstige, and from then not to buy every day. But there are others like Kookai and Naf Naf selling the same concept of simplicity and high street trends at a much lower price (a relief to our wallets) and look what I found of monads catalog Naf Naf for spring- Summer 2012. I'll take it!

Normal Dress

Some time ago I read a very good post that said "get dressed normal." We have lost the taste for dressing well, simple dress, to highlight our natural beauty and let all the little details do not detract. All looks seem designed for sitting egoblogger. We must recover the simple dress with a flattering, the striped shirt with pants, black skirt paired with you all a colorful top, the white shirt.

naf naf Spring 2012 2

I remember a time in my life where my favorite outfit was a white shirt. He wore jeans, skirts, jackets below ...

naf naf Spring 2012 3

The new collection of Naf Naf rescued many of these clothes from oblivion and make them current, fresh, young.

naf naf Spring 2012 4

The prints are subtle, without saturating the garment decorating.

naf naf Spring 2012 5

Concession trends

From time to time, succumb to trends, different garments, fine. Sparingly, sprinkled like drops in a dress "normal" is funny. Not for every day, but from time to time. We add special items in our closet as a striped skirt.

naf naf Spring 2012 6

The ethnic prints on some garments.

naf naf primaver to 2012 7

The green I want you green. One of the items that I like about Naf Naf and most often repeated are the smocks hippies. A garment with a big necklace and jeans ethnic type is great in the summer arrives.

naf naf green top

Or the black and white game cleverly constructed.

black and white naf naf

Special occasions, with the handsome up

For more formal occasions, notes color their short dresses and gowns that we offer. Lots of color.

naf naf Summer 2012 Color

naf naf green dress

But also pure white. Summer is the best time for white.

naf naf clothing blsnco

The striking red and black accessories always apparent sophistication and elegance in any event. A look to consider.

naf naf red dress

The risk of running into someone wearing the same dress in the same bodorrio declined, thanks to a brand is not as widespread as others. And there are dresses that its simplicity will allow customization with accessories.

naf naf gown

Today, brands such as Zara raise prices, the low cost boundary is increasingly blurred, and Naf Naf not a huge departure from Zara prices.

Photo Gallery

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