Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An outstanding streetstyle of each special moment in your life

Life is full of moments and moments of clothing that we wear and carry and we will remember forever. As we do require comfortable clothing, sophisticated, more relaxed, more chic, more striking. But always, always want to be ourselves. Today I show you how to look perfect at special moments of your life or not.

Relax baby

We have one of those days when we want to be comfortable but look cool. In the crush that we crave and want to look perfect ideals without suffering sore feet or unable to sit in a park with our boy. Normal Naya offers us how to do a perfect way.

Sandy in the sun

Indian summer arrives and the parties in light of the moon with his feet on the sand and hand holding a mojito. Sean, day or night, a perfect proposal and mega pamela culotte that brings Jessy G.

Rock my body

This summer we visit our favorite beach while on duty will go by the festival to move touches body, soul and feet. Hard ¿what clothes to choose when and be cool, comfortable and sexy? Normal Naya us makes it easy with a touch of graffiti goddess of Harlem.


We spend all summer in the beach house of our daddies, putting dark and thinking nothing. It was sunset and time to contemplate the sunset from Café del Mar on duty. Love shopping shows how a cross between Jackie O. and Brigitte Bardot.

Sisters Comulguemos

We are invited to a family communion. It will be something intimate, relaxed and in the field. We want to be perfect but give it a look to our country. Love teaches us how a shopping borsalino raffia can adapt to any environment.

The wedding of my best friend

Our younger friend gets married, leaves and leaves us alone in the tortuous path of the search, or not, our soul mate for land night and day. We would be ideal not to overshadow her course. A delightful blend of skirt and blouse Kryzuy maxivolúmen.

Night album

And by the time we lost in the night and be a brown cat eyes and legs of myocardial what better than a blouse and shorts printed with maxicollar bib, one of the 10 essential summer accessories . We show again Kryzuy, queen of chic high-born.

Photos | Kryzui , Love shopping and fashion , Normal Naya , Jessy Gosselin

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